The best 11 Android 11 features you need to know

Google has finally released a stable and official version of its Latest Android – Android 11. Anyone who owns a Google Pixel device should already have the update and can enjoy the features of Android 11. For other manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, and more will soon get the update.

This year’s Android focuses on connectivity between you and the people and services you care about. If we talk about the look and feel of Android 11, then you will get a similar interface as you have in Android 10. There isn’t much of a difference. 

The latest Android 11 packs with a number of cool features, but it’s not possible to cover the whole list. So here I am listing the top 11 new features that you will get in the Android 11.

Conversation Priority

conversation feature

In previous versions of Android, we used to get notifications in random order. Here random means the latest notifications may appear anywhere in the notification tray. It may appear at the bottom, or may appear at the top, or may appear in the middle. But Android 11 doesn’t follow the same uncertainty.

In Android 11, notifications are now categorized into 3 categories: Conversation, Alert, and Silent. The Conversation section will now group all the conversations and will be separated from other notifications. This means all the chat app notifications including SMS will be in the same house.

You can even prioritize the conversation and app within this section. This means that you can prioritize the conversation between your mom and dad over your friends or cousins. The whole idea is to never miss the important conversation. 

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Android 11 bubbles

You might have used the Facebook messenger chat app. There a chat bubble will appear for every chat you open. You can drag that bubble anywhere on the screen. When you are done with the conversation, you remove the bubble by dragging it all the way down to the screen.

The same kind of feature is now available in Android 11 as well. The only difference is that it is implemented system-wide. This means the bubble will work for any chat app and not just only messenger. 

In-build Screen Recording

Android 11 screen recording

This is one of the cool features that Android 11 has to offer. Until now, we all were relied on a third-party app to record the screen activity. Now, this has come as an in-built feature in Android 11.

You can record the content of your screen including audio from mic, device, or both. You can enable this feature by clicking from the quick tile. Upon clicking, it will give you two options to record audio from the device and mic and also whether to show touch gesture. Google has kept the design of this feature as simple as possible. 

Smart Controls in Android 11

smart controls Android 11 feature

In earlier versions of Android, we used to get only two or three options when we long-press the power button i.e power off, restart, or emergency. Google has redesigned this power menu to a whole new level.

Google has added a lot more options in the power menu. For example, it will now show a shortcut to GooglePay that allows you to do the instant payment, it will also show you the card that you have saved and enabled in the GPay. Now if you are travelling and have saved your boarding pass, then also it will display that as well. Besides these, you will also get controls for your smart home products.

Easy Media Control options

Android 11 Media_Controls

Previously when we play any audio or play a song in Gaana or Spotify, we used to get a mini-player kind of thing at the top of our notification panel. This mini-player has media controls such as play, pause, next, previous, and sometimes audio controls as well.

Now the top section of the notification panel is reserved for conversations in Android 11, so media control has been shifted to one place up in the quick tiles. And this makes sense as media control is not really notification – it is a tool or a mini-app. 

When you swipe down your notification drawer, the media controller you will see is quite small. With one tap you can easily control where the audio is been played. You can quickly switch the audio output to a different system like headphones to phone speakers or to your TV and more.

Android 11 Wireless Android Auto

Android Auto is a useful feature but it requires your phone to be plugged in every time. Of course, some of the Google Pixel has the feature to wirelessly connect to Android Auto but now everyone owns a pixel.

Thanks to Android 11, Android Auto now works wirelessly for all phones. The only limitation is your vehicle has to support this feature. Now you can bring the best of your phone on every drive while skipping the cable—get directions with a tap, talk to send a text, play your favorite media and get help from Google Assistant.

One-time permissions in Android 11

Android 11 one time permission

Google has made some serious changes in terms of privacy. This year’s Android is Packed with a lot more privacy and security features. One such security feature that you will see in Android 11 is one-time permission.

It is very important that you must know what kind of permission an App is requesting. Sometimes the app request permission that will force you to think 10 times, whether this permission is really required or not.

Thankfully Android 11 now gives more control over privacy and security to users than ever before. Now users can grant one-time permission to the app. If the user feels like for only this time the permissions should be granted and should be revoked from the next time that can be done easily. The user has to select “Only this time” option when permission dialog appears.

Auto-reset Permission

Along with the one-time permission, Android 11 also features Auto-reset permission functionality. Now suppose if you haven’t used an app installed on your device in a while, you may not want that app should continue to access your data.

Android will now revoke all the permission granted to an app if it hasn’t been used in 2-3 months and notify you accordingly. You can always decide whether to re-grant the application permissions the next time you use the app.

Notification History

A brand new feature that Android 11 packs up is the Notification history. Sometimes we often get a lot of notification which also includes some important ones as well. And in a hurry, we just swipe up all the notifications in an instant and later realize “Oh my God! What I have done?” but it is too late now. The notification is gone.

So here comes the Notification History, where you can see which all apps have sent you the notifications in the last 24hrs.  This feature gives you the option of saving every single notification that landed on your phone over the past 24hrs.

With this cool feature, you will also get a crazy side-effect as well. The history will show you every single notification that landed on your phone, even the totally silent ones that never make it to the shade.

Smart Home Screen App Suggestion

In Android 10, recently opened apps will be listed at the top of your app tray. This is done so that you don’t have to search when you want to open the same app again.

Google has improved this feature to a new smart level. Now depending on the situations like whether you are traveling, or listening to music or just sitting and doing nothing for good. Google will smartly suggest the app that you should use and place it on your home screen if you enable this option. But if you don’t want Google should disturb your beautifully decorated home screen then you can disable this feature as well.

This feature is actually really cool, but it unfortunately only works on Pixel phones for now. It is possible Google could eventually offer the feature to other phones, but since it needs the Pixel Launcher to work, it’s not likely to make its way to other OEMs in its current form.

Android 11 update via Google play

Android 11 security update

Every month Google releases a security patch update to Android phone. These updates are carried to your phone either by your carrier or equipment manufacturer. Because of this, some android phones get security updates much faster.

To overcome this, Android 11 will now deliver security and privacy fixes to your phone from the Google play store-the same way all the other apps gets the update. This allows Google to bypass carriers and OEMs entirely and push out updates to everyone.

Some Other Features of Android 11

Apart from these 11 features, Android 11 also packs with some other features as well. Some of them are, enhanced accessibility service for voice access, smart airplane mode that will turn off only cellular and wifi functionalities, and leave the Bluetooth to be turned on if it is connected to some device. This is especially useful when you are traveling on a flight with your wireless headphones connected and you are asked to put the device in airplane mode. You can even pin the apps in share menu in order to easily access them whenever you want to share something.


These are some of the cool features that you will get in Android 11. The latest Android mostly focuses on the connectivity between you and the people and the privacy of your data. If you like this post, please do share it on social media like Facebook or WhatsApp. If you have any suggestions or questions please do let me know in the comment section. Or if you want to know anything about any app or software for your own purpose, write us to, and please like our Facebook page.


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