[Early Access] Realme X2 Pro is receiving RUI 2.0 update based on Android 11 – UI, SS and benchmarks

Realme is one of those first few OEMs who got to taste Android 11 in its beta version. The company has also thoughtfully worked on its in-house skin, Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11.
The company, in an announcement, released an Early Access roadmap of Android 11 for eligible devices back in September, not long after Google rolled out the update.
Realme X50 Pro being the flagship offering received the beta update as early as September. Next in the device hierarchy should have been the Realme X2 Pro, followed by other devices.
But it turned out to be a piece of unpleasant news for the Realme X2 Pro users after finding out that the device was scheduled to get the Android 11 update at the end of the year.
However, it didn’t take much longer and positive news started pouring in as soon as we entered December. Realme X2 Pro bagged Android 11 in China, igniting excitement in the Global and Indian fan community.
Realme X2 Pro global variants were expected to receive Realme UI 2.0 with Android 11 sometime around the end of December. Well, the good news is, the much-awaited update has reportedly started rolling out.

Update 1 December 29 (IST 7 am)

Just two days before we turn the calendars, the company has opened the application process through a Google Docs form for which we’ve provided source links in the end of this article.
Edit: The form was only available for responses for around 12 hrs and now has been pulled back.

Update 2 December 29 (IST 7 pm)

At the time of writing, the company has started seeding the update randomly to few users who have applied today via the google form shared. The screenshots of the update is attaced below along with the changelog, the update comes with version number F.34.
Updater SS1
Updater SS2

Update 3 December 29 – UI screenshots and first review

After using the build for 24hrs, a small list of major changes that were not explicitly mentioned in changelog are:

  • Newer and smoother animations as described below
  • Now one can directly share apps using nearby share or Realme share from app drawer
  • More options to edit/markup screenshots directly after taking it
  • Added zen mode similar feature in relame lab
  • Added Optimized night time charging similar to sony/asus devices
  • New AoD, new quick settings panel
  • New FP unlock sound effect
  • Added setting to turn off network access of stock photos app, inside the app
  • New messages app with new UI
  • Added toggle to avoid “download via app market” redirect toggle inside app market

Apart from the majority changes to look similar to One UI and ease of one handed usage, some animations such as auto rotation and switching between apps is very reminiscent of iOS as well.
More screenshots are attached below in the gallery, have a look.

Update 4 December 30 – Benchmark Scores

Note: All benchmark are done after uninstalling Game Space and manually enabling the device into High Performance mode under Battery settings.
Check attached images in the gallery below for scores.

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