Android introducing Night mode on Camera Go: HDR coming soon

In this article, we will discuss about the night mode feature that is introduced on Camera Go.

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Google has introduced a Go edition of Android for entry-level smartphones. The Go edition of android is meant for devices having less than 2GB of RAM. Android Go is a lightning-fast OS capable of launching apps up to 15% faster.

As a part of Go edition, Android has its own Go apps. Like Camera Go, Assistant Go, Google Go, etc. These Go apps are the trimmed down versions of their own original app. Just like how we have Facebook app and its lite version Facebook lite. The same goes for most of the app in the Android Go edition.

Google has provided its AI powered photography feature to low end devices using Camera Go. This app was first realeased in March this year with Nokia 1.3. It is an entry level smartphone that runs on Snapdragon 250 processor with Android Go as its core OS. Google camera Go already has the features like Portrait Mode and other effects but now it has added a dedicated Night mode feature that enhanced the low-light photography for the low-end devices.

The Google camera Go comes as a pre-installed app in Nokia 1.3. This gives just a minor taste of what Camera app is there in Pixel devices. The night mode in pixel device is from very long time. It is the best camera for low-light photography.

Pranay Bhatia, Google product manager for Camera Go has released a short video on Youtube. He reveals that Night mode is getting rolled out in camera Go for the Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61, and the Wiko Y81 with its latest update. With the new night mode on, users can capture high-quality low light photographs without having the need to turn on the flash.   

As per quoted by 9T05Google, Joris van Mens, Product Manager at Google’s Next Billion Users initiative said, 

“We want to provide people using entry-level smartphones access to a high-quality camera experience. For many, capturing moments in low light is a matter of trial and error. Taking night-time photos requires them to experiment with complicated settings. With Night Mode in Nokia 1.3 and other devices, preserving memories and capturing great photos will be easier for everyone.”

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How Night mode works in camera Go?

To take great photos in low-light conditions, you need strong exposure and noise reduction capabilities, which are typically limited on less expensive Android phones.

To solve this, Camera Go has been built for specific camera modules on affordable phones. By closely integrating hardware and software, Night Mode on Camera Go uses burst photography to capture multiple simultaneous images and merges them to produce a bright, sharp photo. This allows users to capture such detailed images in low-light settings on affordable devices which is a first in this class.

Upcoming plans in camera Go?

From that video, Google confirms that they are working on to bring HDR mode on Camera Go. This will allows user to take better dynamic photos at entry level smartphones. The release timeline for this feature is not confirmed yet.

Watch this video to know more about the Night mode feature on Camera Go.


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