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Meet Swetabh,

Author and Founder of GizmoMind.com. Swetabh is an Android Developer and a Tech enthusiast. His enthusiasm drives him to know about various technologies. Now he wanted to share his knowledge to other enthusiasts who are passionate to know-how and become a GIZMOMIND.

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I am Swetabh Suman, I live in Bangalore, India. From childhood only I was always curious to know about technologies, how things works etc etc. Sometime I used to open the things out of curiosity like TV remote or calculator(all damaged one otherwise my mother would beat me with broom), although I don’t under what the hell is happening. Many years later I turned my curiosity to career and decided to pursue Engineering in Computer Science and finally in 2015, I became an authorized Engineer(Although unemployed). To seek job, I came to bangalore along with my few friends. At that time my curiosity was towards Android and I was lucky enough to get job on Android domain as well. Presently I am an Android Framework Engineer working on customizing Android open source for OEM. Even though I am working, my curiosity towards learning about the technologies has not faded. The urge was quite significant to start blogging for a long time but the implementation was inversely proportional to it. Suddenly after lockdown, I decided to start blogging in my free time and provide you the technological updates with my knowledge and experience.