7 Amazingly helpful features you are getting in Android

In this article, I will be discussing about the 7 amazingly new features that will be really helpful in your Android.

7 amazingly helpful feature in android

Its been only a few weeks that Android 11 has been launched. The latest version of android packs with a number of new features starting from your conversations to your privacy. Some of the features like One-time-permission, permission reset have definately added much more security to your private data. While features like bubbles conversations, notification priority are meant to ease your life with Android.

Here, I will be showing the 7 new features that you will be getting even on your older Android. These features will make your experience with Android more smooth and more enjoyable.

Google Assistant to you is what Jarvis to IronMan

Now, you can do more with the new and improved Google Assistant. Now you can create voice shortcuts for your favorite apps, so you can say “Hey Google order pizza from Postmates”, or start my run with Nike Run Club. You can use your voice to control your phone, like turning on your flashlight when the power’s out at home. When someone unfamiliar calls you, Google Assistant can tell you who’s calling and why before you pick up. Google Assistant can do a lot more for you- you just need to ask “Hey Google what you can do?

This reminds me of Jarvis from IronMan. Just like how Tony ask something to Jarvis and it does. Google Assistant is also becoming the same.  

Live Transcribe + sound notification

Many of you don’t know about the Live Transcribe app. It is an app that provides free, real-time, speech-to-text transcriptions to make everyday conversations more accessible among people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Transcribe shows speech and sound as text on your screen, so you can participate in conversations going on in the world around you more easily. You can turn on the automatic video or voice message caption with Google duo, if you have a hearing loss or you are in a spot where you can’t play audio. 

The newer version of this app will include sound notification that uses flashing and buzzing when important, inconvenient, or alarming sound happening around you. 

Do more with Google Duo

With the new Google Duo, you can now share your screen when you are on call with your friends or family. You can now browse photos and videos together so that you can plan your activities together. If by chance you are unable to receive the call in Duo, you can now leave a video message, just like a voice mail.

Google duo feature

Bye Bye Spam Calls

Many a times, we do get calls from unknown numbers. It can be from a spammer or from any business. Out of fear, we usually don’t pick up the call even if it is from a verified business. Now with the new Google’s Phone app, your android device can let you know who is calling you and for what purpose they are calling. You can download the new Google phone App from the play store.

verified call feature android 1
verified call feature android 2

Communication made more accessible with Action block

Similar to Live Transcribe app, Action Block is also an app designed for people having speech related special abilities. Action Blocks can be configured to do anything the Assistant can do, in just one tap: call a friend, watch your favorite show, control the lights, and more. It can now be used to communicate short phrases and can also be used as an Artificial voice for people with cognitive special abilities. For example you can setup your block to say “Yes”, “No”, or “Excuse me! I have to say something.” 

The newer Action Blocks comes loaded with thousands of Picture Communication Symbols from Tobii Dynavox’s library, which is commonly used on other AAC devices to communicate efficiently using pictures and symbols assigned to blocks.

action block feature in Android

Smart Reply is getting Smarter

It all started with the chat notification. Previously we used to get chat or message notification. Then comes the reply on notification feature. After that “smart reply”, which will show “Oh”, “okay”, “Thank you”, or “Welcome”. Now, here comes the smarter smart reply, which is even more advanced and can help save you time.

Based on your recent messages, it can suggest phrases or words that you can select with just a tap. For example: You got a message- “Wanna hang out?” You will get smarter reply suggestion like “Yes”, “Oh! Good Idea” or “Well, may be not”. Suppose you replied “Yes”, and then you got another message asking “Where?”. The smarter reply will again suggest you text like: “Park”, “Cinema”, or “Oyo”. LOL.

Entertainment continues with Google TV

With the new Google TV app, you can now browse movies and shows from your favorite streaming apps all in one place. Google TV will help you discover what to watch with recommendations for movies and shows from across your all streaming apps.


These are 7 amazingly new features that will be really helpful in your Android. Let me know in the comment, which features of android do you like the most. If you like this post, please do share it on social media like Facebook or WhatsApp. If you have any suggestions or questions please do let me know in the comment section. Or if you want to know anything about any app or software for your own purpose, write us to support@gizmomind.com, and please like our Facebook page.


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