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Android AIDL cover image_1

Android Interface Defination Language (AIDL) is a way to implement IPC mechanism in Android. When AIDL file is compiled, it generates a Proxy and a Stub class. Proxy class is used by client and Stub class is used by service.

multithreading sequence in java

Using multithreading, print a sequence of number using 3 threads. Thread 1 will print 1 to 5, thread 2 will print 6 to 10 and thread 3 will print 11 to 15. Each thread will print its value one by one.

Android rescue party

Rescue Party has been introduced from Android Oreo. It gets triggered when your smartphone system runs into a boot loop and immediately takes action to recover it.

Accessibility Service feature in android

Accessibility Service is one of the powerful tools present in the Android framework, with which you can read the UI of any other application but the service won't work when the device is in suspend state.


We’ve still got update patches for the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3, and the Pixel 3 XL, though.


Realme is one of those first few OEMs who got to taste Android 11 in its beta version. The company has also thoughtfully worked on its in-house skin, Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11.

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